How to give my girlfriend a gift

  how to give my girlfriend a gift? gift Gift Guide for you to answer questions. Many friends girlfriend gifts may want to send what? Like what? In fact, tend to ignore other important principles of the gift. How to send? Gift is just a prop, gifts to express affection. Prop, who is an actor, how to play the "XI" is just as important. In general the following gifts art worth exploring:
weapon 1 and gifts network for your first order is higher: General rules for surprise gift, girlfriend gifts, surprises are more important, women are emotional, she moved, but anything will do well for you:) always remember that romance and "artistes" are antonyms. Remember the fearless "without without without breaking laws" of boxing, it very much. Because there are rules of things a long time, we let people "fatigue", never heard of even the aesthetic will tired? Most annoying man is a woman at the same time, the same attitude, the same procedure, do the same disorder is a General for women gift.
2 weapon, gift net for your second light weight: girlfriend gifts are expensive is good, or light a little? On the Internet often see people saying "gift of friendship, girls focused on your heart", that is to find an excuse. Do not believe the "courtesy is not expensive" lies of this Millennium, it was just people's aspirations. Do not believe you try yourself, the same actors, same situation, BMW and ten million Yuan worth of headgear effect same? Severity will be different! Of course, the stolen BMW could not count:) but just repeat does not necessarily always a good result, if she felt you send her BMW was granted, it would have been worse. If you want to always have good results, you have to master the "light weight" principle, meaning that couldn't let her suffer from "re-gift fatigue". According to their strength stick under "strong medicine" received very good results. Send "light" about the "courtesy light, but represents my heart" also more vocal when Oh! But "light," "mild" taste.
3, gifts network tips for you third shisu ya: elegant woman is also the laity ", in fact, far more than women, men too. What is "common", "common" is the man! So, man! Say, "ya" is not "common" yet? Some say my girlfriend is very pure and very romantic, but did not live in a vacuum, and Xiao Long Nu otherworldly, but would also like yufeng pulp! I think your girlfriend and we mere mortals as "laksa sleep"? Meanwhile, mundane, practical woman, but also towards romantic nature. So, no matter which category your girlfriend, the vulgar to be vulgar, the Ya Ya; the romantic gift, romantic, practical, practical. Today practical, romantic next time.
4, gift network gift ideas for you last enrollment solution: gifts sometimes in person, sometimes third parties send, everything is hands-on to are not necessarily a good thing. If you give yourself every girlfriend, then you'd have third-party gift-try again. Now many of the online gift service. Can find their travel opportunities, or just when I'm busy, so that solves the problem of themselves too busy, and get better results, why not give it a try. Third-party gifts there are many benefits of surprise is one of them. While some expression of their bad, make it easy for third parties to express. And some of the thoughts expressed by third parties, may be more HUMOR, more innovative. General third-party gift card services with get language, you can express your heart on it.