Chinese new year Spring Festival in the procurement strategy to save money and benefits

  lunar new year Spring Festival in the procurement strategy to save money and benefits. Spring Festival is drawing near, buying new year naturally becomes a lot more people will be doing homework. 09 new year market have begun to warm up, but also a lot more fresh stuff and fresh way, of course, saves money and benefits are what we want, how to how to save us.
season 1, Mall shopping best buy: massive winter clearance sale at a major department store pending full clearance of goods in winter. To identify opportunities and take the opportunity to find seasonal commodity prices and products.
2, couplet approaching new year: this year's couplets, paper-and paintings sell well, because everyone needs, price and cheap, buy no more than 10 of more than 20 Yuan, and lanterns and Chinese knots is sold, because the workmanship is complex and relatively high prices. Couplets, grilles, new year, lanterns, Chinese near year buy the cheap 20%.
3, pastries, old money: every spring festival, Cara features gift boxes used to carry the old year relatives, has become the capital of people's "fashion", and now, Laba, spring, these traditional Spring Festival holiday get together, old and have begun with a unique holiday gift boxes and outside the old firm to sell and carrying food, soon very popular. Tao Heung Village has a new lead in the new year market movements, Beijing eight back on the counter of the Tao Heung Village. The Beijing eight pieces in gift box with a pretzel, Taishi cakes, baisaqima, jujube flowers crisp and those with good fortune, wealth, longevity, happiness cake. Hundred Yuan more than many cakes at West point, both from the festive atmosphere and the shelf price, time-honored tradition should have an advantage.
4, fruit boxes to buy their own package: fruit basket sales are no longer in demand on the eve of the Spring Festival this year, was replaced by price, superior quality of fine fruit boxes, prices ranges from 60-200 Yuan. And fruit market is different during the Mid-Autumn Festival, national day and Spring Festival people most fruits to buy items like boxes of fruit, such as banana boxes, box full of Red Fuji Apple varieties. It is understood that the imported fruit prices stabilized the fruit market, starting from the end of this month, imports rise in fruit prices, rises of more than 30% during the Spring Festival, and in previous years has one or two varieties of price increases of more than 100%. Domestic fruit price growth will be maintained at around 7%-10%. New year fruit prices have gone up, so if you want to save money you can purchase some in advance should not be rotten fruit, such as apples, pork Tangerine, Orange and so on; if you have to send people to, in fact, you can wrap your own fruit. Fruit basket yourself, buy a basket or basket on the early part of some carefully selected fruit and buy on a piece of paper around, than buy a fruit basket from the outside at least twice times cheaper prices, and fruit quality is guaranteed.