Diplomatic gifts details determine success or failure

  diplomatic gift details determine success or failure, is without a doubt the importance of diplomatic gifts. About friendship and friendship between countries events are handled casually. But in the United States on the diplomatic gift details taken into big mistakes occurred, detail decides success or failure is the universal truth. In March 2009, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Russia when Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, presented Lavrov diplomatic gifts is "reset" button is intended to symbolize the United States hopes "to restart our relationship." But in this symbol the "reset" button, but impressively wrote a Russian "peregruzka." Russian's intent was to make the recipients more close, so the Russia text language, but the Russian made a mistake on the button written peregruzka, is too high, or overloaded meaning, meaning was completely destroyed, and none get laughed at, a Russia misspelled text. There is, at the beginning of March 2009, United Kingdom Prime Minister, Jordan? Brown during his visit to Washington, Brown and Obama exchanged diplomatic gifts. Gift from the Brown, including useful timber of a Victorian anti-slavery ship produced by ornamental pen holder, and Martin? 7 volumes of Churchill's biography of Gilbert's first edition, and so on, even if not unique treasures, it's very special. And Obama give Brown's so-called "special gift of the collectors", just 25 United States Hollywood DVD, Mr Obama's gift mean immediately United Kingdom media outrage. United States no good faith and United Kingdom friendship, send gifts with the mass production of products is considered as a gift is not like the United Kingdom. Diplomatic gifts is about counterpart in place, must be present on both sides of gift value, taste and cannot vary, United States Obama administration even to flaunt the independent Commission against corruption are not saved in this link for some, if the ICAC annual United States Government huge costs spent by the presidential campaign may have nowhere to say sorry.