Gift-giving an analysis of three basic points from the Center gift giving

  giving a central analysis of three basic points how to gifts, gift giving is now more and more, and more frequent, especially business even more so. Gift giving problems began to surface, and gift-giving figure out a central three basic points before he will be able to be aware of. The purpose of a central is your gift, need to be clear, is to ask for help, and to promote cooperation, in order to enhance communication, or for a long term relationship paving the way, and so on. Three basic points are, day, location, and. Day: gift need find on right of timing time, Festival is best of timing, then sent Shang a copies gift is not need reason of, "every festival times Sze" natural will let you thought and family reunion, then may wish to sent Shang some auspicious, and reunion of real; day, adults on will by consider to child sent some toy, and learning stationery like of gift, this is promotion family, encourages motivated of a method. Therefore, at different times, giving business gifts will express different feelings. Location: the environment is very important, and gift-giving needs taken into account, the same gift will have different effects in different atmosphere contrasts. "Lanzhou presses, hand face tears" lovers parting mood, such as sending gifts such as jewelry are better able to express the continuing truth of the world. Train with a long four-year classmate, now each rush end, to my dear friends left a beautifully albums or phone book will be the love never ends. Different circumstances, different gifts needed to declare. And: and for you, the habits and customs of gift giving need to consider accepting gifts. Valentine's Day Roses, love in China, and in some countries in Western Europe are considered to be immoral. In China, the Han Chinese Spring Festival in some places like to send pork foods, the Hui, or Muslim country is a symbol of insulting the ancestors. A Center has three basic points clear understanding, gifts are not confused and cheer your career for life and luster.