Cashmere-shakin crafts high-end fashion to give gifts

  velvet alluvial gold crafts is fashion high-end of sent people gift, Velvet alluvial gold process gift is to 99.9% gold, and silver, and copper, precious metals and polymer mixed material for raw materials, used hi-tech technology and advanced of cast gold process, through more road process fine making and into, different Yu General gilded, surface is purity is high and thickness more thick texture is strong of thousand gold, and not more thin and no gold of plating alloy. Cast gold gifts easy to save, fast color, suitable for the permanent collection. Art has its origins in Italy, by Hong Kong after the introduction of the country, and now become the preferred corporate purchasing business gifts, company gifts to high-end customers, VIP customer good choice of gifts. Its making process complex take with precious metals material, (silver, copper) and other trace metal for base end of, used hi-tech process, put liquid in the of gold elements, after purification, extraction and into of cast gold process, through products design, carved Board, open production die, pour die forming, embryo pieces dressing, coated silver pulp, electric cast copper, electric cast gold, manual playing bright. Besides wax cleaning, drying, quality inspection and packaging processes more than 10 manufacturing and become, in thousands of feet of pure gold on its surface, surface of art casting thousands of feet gold formed gold suede product gentle to the surface or surface effects, crystal clear, gorgeous, elegant. Velvet alluvial gold handicraft products related to animals, architectural models, people, religion has a variety of Chinese traditional auspicious beautifully chic, exquisite extreme, decoration clear, elegant, set gold noble moral and cultural integration. Products cashmere alluvial gold on the surface of delicate, gloss, polished details even more golden color. Sha Jin crafts, wool is extremely rich and expressive, products not only have gold hedging, but also art appreciation, collection. Gifts to friends and family to share, and family role to beautify the decoration, is Feng Shui Town House above, business gifts, good gifts to friends and relatives as a gift!